We have got a vast suite of Architectural capabilities- one of them characterizes as Architecture Shop Drawing. At each Architectural Project, we initiate from conceptual, comes to detail and end up in favorable results. A Shop Drawing is a detailed view of prefabricated components, preferably produced by manufacturers, fabricators, contractors, and subcontractors. After the completion of each shop drawing, a reviewal of shop drawing is conducted by the architect to avoid the possible conflicts and expensive changes in future.

Architecture Shop Drawing is essentially used to gain the information about various architectural components in construction. As a matter of fact, it is prepared before the actual construction. The main function of illustrates the whole “How” a construction turns out to be. It depicts the portrayal of internal architectural design with proper dimension.

Our Methodology

  • Understanding Design
  • Installation Details
  • On-site Installation Inspection
  • Detailing of Components
  • Referring Construction Documents
  • Verification of Dimension
  • Fabrication Information
  • CAD Coordination with other disciplines
  • Shop Drawing Submittal
  • Adherence with Design Drawings and Specifications

Tooromeen Engineering primarily believes in design as the base of a structure. Hence, we provide professional consultancy for designing the circuits of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. We are a team of multi-specialist experts at each and every area of a construction process. We provide the necessary solutions which are never negotiated in terms of quality and technical brilliance.

Why Us

  • Standardized Quality
  • Competitive Price
  • Latest and Updated tools
  • Right Creative Direction
  • Safety and Perspective
  • Commitment to Productivity
  • Qualified Professionals
  • 100% Success Guaranteed
  • Enhancement of User Experience
  • Time Bound Delivery

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