The Electrical Engineering Services provided Tooromeen Engineering is a balanced blend of being immaculate and perfect. We function on in-depth knowledge and crisp performance of our team. By designing for you we provide value by sustaining the long-term growth of our client. Going on with our commitment to quality, we leverage technology and implement best practices. Besides skilled workforce, we also offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

As a matter of fact, Electric Load Calculation is the total amount of power that a building actually consumes. An electric circuit has mainly divided into the automotive, household, and electronics. The Electric Load is mainly based on wattage or topmost power draw of each component in a building.

The Electric Load Calculation is determined on

  • System Design Voltage
  • Rounding
  • Specific Loads
  • Receptacle
  • Estimation of Watts
  • Calculation of KwH for each electronic appliance

Other Factors

  • Continous and and Non-Continous Loads
  • Conductor Ampacity
  • Terminal Temperature Calculation
  • Conductor Insulation
  • Electrical Application

We believe in pace up with market hence each of the design will adhere to the current trend of industry demand. The team at Tooromeen Engineering offers services that boost productivity, quality, and quality. As a team of experienced professionals we develop and design the working methodology of electric design layout comply with standardized codes. We offer end-to-end structure design and 2D Drawing layouts. Whether its customized designing or layout, each one is designed to considering the keeping environment sustainable.

Why Us

  • Cost Effective
  • Unbeatable Quality
  • Presence of Supportive Consultancy
  • Customer Oriented Approach
  • Smart Engineering Solutions
  • Customized solution as per client’s requirement
  • Leverage the latest technologies
  • Eye for Detail
  • Responsive Service
  • Time Bound Delivery
  • Advanced Technology

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