Electrical Engineering has evolved over years so does we. Here at Tooromeen Engineering, we pace up with technological transformation in the industry. Hence, we provide a wide range of integrated Electric System Design across multiple industries. Our team is consist of engineers comes on board with experience in various domains and support the development of detailed electric system adaptable with low, medium, and high voltage applications.

We offer an extensive approach to the design of Electrical System. The designing and laying of the electrical system is a complex process as it takes a substantial amount of research and analysis. Any mistake in the implementation of the intended design makes the system vulnerable. Here, at Tooromeen Engineering, we develop suitable technical solutions for ongoing Electrical System Design projects.

Our Methodology

  • Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Calculation and Network Analysis
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Earthing
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Equipment & Component Sizing
  • Lighting & Grounding Calculation
  • Load List
  • Power Distribution
  • Relay Coordination
  • Single-Line Diagrams
  • Substation Engineering
  • System Studies
  • Voltage & Cable Sizing

Tooromeen Engineering’s support you to achieve the desired results. Since the Electrical Service Design adheres to industry standards, results in safe, up-to-date, and efficient system design. We optimize and integrate each component of the electric system and make sure that our design aligned with the client’s business goals. Our team of expert professionals applies their well-versed knowledge coupled with their hands-on experience in design and executing versatile projects.

Why Us

  • Strong Knowledge Base
  • Appropriate Skill Set
  • Adherence to Industry Standards
  • Service Flexibility
  • Reliable Power System
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Client Covienece
  • Efficient and High-Quality
  • Access to Project Leader
  • Confidentiality of Client’s Data
  • Latest and Licensed Software
  • Time Bound Delivery

If you have an inquiry about Electric System Design, don’t hesitate to contact us.