Electrical Engineering is a swiftly growing facility which is not only required in the Electrical setting of a building but also needed in the cross functioning areas. We offer full performing Electrical Engineering Solutions that fairly compliment our expertise. We have a team that has professionals from a variety of background. It adds the multiple perspectives and right engineering methodology for your problem.

Our Electrical Engineering Services

  • Electric High Voltage and Low Voltage System
  • Electrical Lighting Layouts
  • Electric Load Calculation
  • Electric Sub Station Layout
  • Electric System Design

Electrical Engineering focuses on designing, development, and maintenance of electrical systems and their components. Our aim of each Electric Design is to ensure quality, reliability, safety, and sustainability. With each passing project, we constantly develop our capabilities in order to contribute perfection and finesse in every undertaken project. Our real strength lies in the diverse knowledge and technical brilliance.

Our Methodology

  • Engineering Documentation
  • Schematic Drawing
  • Equipment Assemblies
  • Electrical Component Schedule
  • 3D Modeling
  • Layout Drawings
  • Electric Load Estimation
  • Calculation of Lighting

Tooromeen Engineering is an Netherlands based Engineering consultants organization located in Rotterdam. Tackling multi-discipline industries especially in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, we have a holistic approach towards each project. We have the appropriate knowledge and experience that is provided at affordable prices. Our chosen methodology put your project in a position that achieves the target within the schedule.

Why Choose Us

  • Flexibility
  • Professional Service
  • Critical Thinking
  • Individually Tailored Solutions
  • Competitive Industry Rates
  • Trusted & Reliable Service
  • Commitment to Highest Quality
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Competitive Prices
  • Time Bound Delivery

If you have any requirement for Electrical Engineering Services, feel free to connect with us.