Tooromeen Engineering has been providing the expert engineering design and consultancy service for the niche of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. We believe in offering quality leading edge innovative design backed by efficient software tools and knowledge of qualified professionals. Before opting the project, we clarify and define client’s requirement by clear contouring of scope, design, and objective of the project.

An Electric Substation convert voltage from high to low and vice versa. It is mainly the part of the electrical related transmission, generation, and distribution. Before reaching the customers it has various voltage levels. It performs the various switching functions.

Our Electrical Sub Station Layout is mainly the key diagram of Electrical Substation. It is a layout diagram that shows the actual position of each equipment.

Component of Diagram

  • Transformer
    • Power Transformer
    • Instrument Transformer
  • Side of Primary Power Line
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Current Transformer
    • Disconnected Switch
    • Ground Wire
    • Lightning Arrester
    • Primary Power Lines
    • Transformer
  • Side of Secondary Power Line
    • Current Transformer
    • Control Building
    • Lightning Arrester
    • Main Transformer
    • Secondary Power Lines
    • Security Fence

As a consulting engineer, Tooromeen Engineering eventually acts as an expert advisor which is based on the analysis of information and our hands-on experience. Before submitting the final product to the client, we run a quality objective which intent to met according to client’s requirement. We constantly target the improve ourselves in terms of technology and skills as per the demand of the industry. As sustainable design is our first preference, thus we continually look for renewable generation, efficient technologies, and energy storage for our designs.

Why Us

  • Safety in Design
  • Cost-Effective
  • Continual Knowledgeable Growth
  • Innovation and Cutting-Edge Designs
  • Direct Communication
  • Client Oriented Approach
  • Updated and Licensed Software and tools
  • Advanced Technology
  • Customized Solution
  • Defined Strategic Methodology
  • Time Bound Delivery

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