Tooromeen Engineering admires and practices unmatched services resulted in successful relationships with clients. At Fire Engineering, the main priority is the safety of occupants. Our fabricated designs are full-proof and tested that bring conclusive protection. Our extensive expertise strive to offer the right solution in design and engineer.

The Fire Pipe Sizing mainly depends on flow, pressure, and velocity. The size of the pipe relies on the system in which they going to connected. The sizing and fitting of a pipe are determined as per the size of a system whether its sprinkler or hydrant. The piping design is done with calculation drawing layout. The calculations are carried out on available pressure, flow rate, and consumption demand.

Our Methodology

  • Analysis of Application
  • Conceptualization of Demand
  • Fire Network Conceptualization
  • Fire Piping Sizing as per Codes and Standards
  • Sprinkler Spacing
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Network Layout
  • Water Demand Studies
  • Head Loss
  • Velocity
  • K-Factor

Tooromeen Engineering is proudly delivered Fire Engineering service ensuring safety and highest standards. Our team combines the best qualification with substantial experience in various building types. We adapt as per the project of all size and shape executed by the strong backing of vast knowledge. We successfully blend the theoretical knowledge and practical application utilizes the technical agility for structural response to fire.

Why Us

  • Responsive Approach
  • Balanced Outlook
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Commitment to perfection
  • Adherence to Building Code
  • Design Alternatives
  • Targets to aesthetic, functional and commercial objectives
  • Cost-Effective
  • Time Bound Delivery

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