Tooromeen Engineering deals with complete Electric Design Engineering Service. Our team of engineers caters a wide range of design consultancy in terms of engineering. To ensure the outstanding final result, we foster high-quality practices in design engineering. Hence, every area of our service portrays a process-driven organization. The technical brilliance of our team is well synchronized by professionalism reflects in the form of effective results.

We design safe, reliable, and sufficient High Voltage and Low Voltage Electric System Design spans from conceptual design to preliminary and detailed specifications. High Voltage Electric System Design is created as per part of the supply or distribution of electricity whereas Low Voltage system is carefully designed considering the safety.

Our Methodology

  • Electric System Designing
  • Technical Requirement Information
  • Design Certification
  • General Safety Requirements
  • Calculation of Short-circuit and Electrical Arc
  • Riser Diagram
  • Interconnection Diagram
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Detailing of Equipment Rack
  • Floor Plans
  • Schematic Diagram

Tooromeen Engineering has an in-house team executes the Electric Engineering Service that delivers precisely what is needed. Our team of engineers seamlessly integrate the knowledge with current technology. What keeps us ahead from our contemporaries is consistent attention to details proved as a source of client satisfaction. We have a strong combination of engineers across the various disciplines. After undertaking each project, we carefully handle each phase of designing and creation.

Why Us

  • Cost Effective
  • Advanced Technology
  • Careful Supervision of Projects
  • Skilled Individuals
  • Customer-Oriented Approach
  • Value Service
  • Licensed Software
  • Long-term Sustainable Growth
  • Stringent Quality Standards
  • Data Security & Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Best Project Management
  • World Class Communication
  • Time Bound Delivery

If you want to know more about Electric High and Low Voltage System Design, feel free to contact us .