Tooromeen Engineering is a specialized engineering organization expert in 2D and 3D designing for the verticals of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. We are gradually building our reputation of offering a real value in form of favorable solutions. We have a team of skilled engineers whose familiarity with each nuance and standards of current methodologies leads to fruitful outcomes.

Tooromeen Engineering offers a Schematic Structure Design that defined the guideline for construction along with interior work. It includes the making of initial sketch and design for the proposed construction. Schematic Structure Design plays it role in Pre-Engineered phase initiate by analysis of site and usage of the same information in the designing stage.

Our Methodology

  • Conceptual Site Plan
  • Building Plan
  • Prelimanary Sections and Elevations
  • Conceptual Design
  • Material Research
  • Quality Control
  • Specifications
  • Material Identification
  • Exploration of Alternative material, equipment and system
  • Project Scheduling
  • Reviewing
  • Updating
  • Costing
  • Documentation and Presentation

Our goal in Tooromeen Engineering is to deliver quality solutions and favorable results for our clients. Our task at each undertaken project is the balance between economy, structure, and aesthetics. We have a robust way to achieve an integrated “whole building” design. Our successful track record allows us to deliver elegant Structural Design for your project. Our project success highly depends on the integrated collaborative approach that encourages the exploration of alternatives and comes out with a suitable solution.

Why Us

  • Systematic Design Development
  • Economical and Elegant
  • Ground-Breaking Solutions
  • Analytical Approach
  • Cost-Effective
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  • Diverse Team with Strong Credentials
  • Innovation and Sustainability Blending
  • Timely Delivery

If you want to know more about Schematic Structure Design, feel free to catch up with us.