Tooromeen Engineering is offer consultancy regarding designing for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Zone. We are mainly specialized in 2D and 3D Drawing, Design, Detailing, and Modeling. We offer end-to-end engineering designing service. We have got the perfect balance of experienced professionals, thorough technological know-how, a track record of proven capabilities and obedience of standardized codes. We aim to achieve cost-efficient innovations with excellent expertise.

Ventilation Calculation mainly uses the heat loss or gain in a specific room. The heat loss or gain heavily relies on airflow. A proper Ventilation Calculation allows a proper designing of the Ventilation System. It mainly takes into account of heating and cooling loads, airflows, and air shifts as per occupiers, and principal of air supplies.

Our Methodology

  •  Air Supply Temperature
  •  Duct System
  •  Circulated Mass

The portfolio of Tooromeen Engineering includes a wide range of designs from versatile domains. Our team strongly believes in offering solutions in all accounts through our deep industry knowledge coupled with cutting edge technology. We value time, therefore, our team forms the best technical design foundation to ensure the solution is catered in the shortest span of time with excellence. We ensure to offer value in the long term for sustainable growth. The value we add is efficiency and quality comes with appropriate cost perspective.

Why Us

  •  Operational Flexibility
  •  Innovative
  •  Globally Recognized Practices
  •  Customized and Simplified Design
  •  Trust and Transparency
  •  Value Deliverance
  •  Unshakable Commitment
  •  Seamless Project Implementation
  •  Sustainable Growth
  •  Cutting Edge Technology
  •  Efficient Management
  •  Time Bound Delivery

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